Mirage Of Deep – Northern Lights: New Album Review by Darren Pearson

Downtempo review wth album link, please enjoy. 🙂


Greetings from London M2D member & reader,

Something different here for us here, thoughts most welcomed.

One of the perks of being privileged to have a strong network of talent & creative people in my beloved world of Music, is that I’m fortunate to occasionally get insights to new releases/draft tracks  per invites from artists/labels  & DJ’s. This could be ahead of a formal label release-date (in this case released via the excellent Lemongrassmusic label in Germany) and sometimes, it’s simply from one creative music-soul to another for an informal ‘whaddaya think so far?’ view on their current work-in-progress.

This scenario & background is what led to the production of the following review. Nacho Ferrer (or the excellent soundscape-painter & artist known as ‘Mirage of Deep’) reached out to me a few months back for such a view as we have spoken about music on many occasions.

For myself, any such…

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