We distribute to all the main stores with complete presence on 5 continents and we are always willing to see and hear about new clients.

Dancephonic will deliver your content worldwide to the major online stores and digital services on a no-fee basis.
We will never charge you to encode, upload and (or) deliver your music, instead we work solely on a 20% distribution commission.

Distribution Features:

– Distribution deals from as 30%.
– No setup fees.
– Exclusive release date on Beatport and more.
– Quarterly sales statistic.
– Your music listed under your Artist name on all stores.
– Transparent and detailed financial reporting.
– Graphic Support (Art works)
– Beatport, I-Tunes, Traxsource + other store approval help.
– Free deliveries, updates

During the Term , UGR agrees to distribute and license Arist’s recordings to retailers, service providers and other users of any description that sell, distribute, transmit, perform or otherwise exploit sound and/or audiovisual recordings by any and all means and media (whether now known or existing in the future) and to collect all income deriving there from.
UGR does not guarantee placement of the recordings with any licensee and UGR reserves the right to reject distribution of any recording at its discretion.
The Parties herewith agree as follows:
Subject of the agreement
Subject of this agreement is the Artist and UGR Distribution becoming Partners  with the mutually beneficial goal to sell digital music files to end users via partner websites.
Artist hereby acknowledges and UGR Distribution accepts Label’s intention to sell Artist’s music catalogue through the UGR Distribution technology in association with sales partners worldwide. Therefore, Artist licenses its music catalogue to UGR Distribution.
The Parties agree upon the Territory World being the basis for this Agreement as long as not otherwise stated by Label either in written form generally or on a title basis .
It´s agreed by the Parties that all commitments given in this Agreement are on a non-exclusive basis. Both Parties retain any right to enter additional Agreements without prior written consent of any Party.
1.5 It´s agreed by the Parties that for the entire duration of the contract all stores supplied by UGR Distribution on behalf of Artist will be delivered exclusively by UGR Distribution. The Artist is given the opportunity to exclude specific stores at the time of contract signing. The Artist may request for UGR Distribution to deliver to previously opted out stores at any time but once opted in may not opt out again until the contract expires.
UGR Distribution services
UGR Distribution is an aggregator of music content that supports Music Companies in selling their Music in digital formats over 3rd Party Internet Websites. The UGR platform which is provided by mutual agreement whit Media Emperor,is solely developed, managed and improved by UGR Distribution under the supervision of the Media Emperor technical staff and exclusive partners.
Artist hereby acknowledges and UGR Distribution accepts Artist’s intention to sell Label’s music catalogue through the UGR Distribution via Sales Partners worldwide. Therefore, Artist licenses its music catalogue to UGR 
2.3 Artist wishes to use UGR Distribution as a distributor for its music catalogue via 3rd party Internet Portals that are not controlled by UGR Distribution. All such 3rd party platforms and according business parameters will be selected, held and negotiated by UGR Distribution.
UGR Distribution grants to Artist that all Artist royalty payments, are net payments to Artist. UGR can deduct some fees for technology, transactions, mechanical payments or any other processes involved that partner stores may charge for storage and mechanical processes of its operations under the concept of “Technical fee”.
UGR grants to Artist that it will perform its best efforts, as long as commercially reasonable, in order to keep the distribution services available to 3rd party platforms. In any case, UGR gives no guarantee to Artist for technology or sales and marketing activities to run 100% error-free, neither for UGR itself nor for any 3rd party platform.
Artist commitments
The Artist accepts the technological association and support between UGR and Media Emperor to distribute the content to the network of stores and recognizes that this association is not harmful for the normal functioning of the label, the Artist further agree that for safety and optimize the content distribution service is delivered under the technology, support and accounts of Media Emperor throughout the network of stores and that this action is not entailment between the Artist and the company Media Emperor.
Under this Agreement, Artist commits to UGR the delivery of digital copies of Master Files and Metadata. All Masters remain the sole property of Artist. Artist grants to UGR to provide all such initial information and files within four weeks after signature of this Agreement.
Artist hereby acknowledges that all information contained in the “Metadata” will be used by UGR for the purpose of sales to End Users via 3rd party platforms in accordance with this Agreement and the rights that Artist owns. Therefore, Artist commits to UGR to complete all metadata information using UGR Content Platform system with reasonable diligence.
Artist agrees that UGR provides so-called pre-listening files in low-resolution format as well all other materials to 3rd party platforms with the purpose of generating sales to End Users.
Artist agrees that Artist shall be solely responsible for the payment of any and all of the following: all fees, income, monies, royalties, publishing royalties or any other compensation due to artists, producers, master recording copyright owners, publishing societies and all other third persons whose performance is embodied in a master sound recording or is otherwise involved in the creation of the master sound recording that is included in the Catalogue.
Grants of rights
Artist herewith grants to UGR that Artist owns the Master Rights in accordance with all tracks submitted to UGR and described in the Metadata, as set forth in Item 15. Under this Agreement, Artist passes the non-exclusive rights to UGR as follows, while expressively reserving any other rights than specifically set forth below:
Right to digitally transmit and sell Masters to End Users in the format of Digital Downloads and “Burn To Order”stream (streaming),CD Singles via all 3rd party Websites in relationship with UGR.
Right to publish all relevant additional information (text and graphics information) of Masters to End User via 3rd party Websites in digital format (Metadata) for the sole purpose of sales of such Master Files.
Right to publicly perform, broadcast and advertise Master files in so-called “pre listening” digital format for the sole purpose of generating sales to End Users. All such pre-listening files will be made available for listening only and in low reasonably resolution to End Users and downloading of such files will be technically rendered impossible.
Artist expressively under this Agreement excludes any right toUGR to do remixes, edits or alterations of Master Tracks, Graphic Files, Video Clips or any other copyright-protected materials provided by Label.
Royalty Statements
Artist will be credited by UGR with Royalties. It is understood and agreed that no other cost for Artist apart from payment to Artists arises.
UGR and 3rd party sales partners are expressively allowed to alter End Users sales prices, due to regulations that might change over time, for instance mechanical fees (publisher’s mechanical rights), changes in transactional cost or for marketing purposes. Such procedure, however, leaves Artist Royalties, untouched.
Artist does not require UGR to pay Royalties to Label in the case of unsuccessful delivery of digital Master Files to End User (e.g. in case of technically broken downloads) or in case of users, acting fraudulent.
UGR grants to Artist to provide sales statements on a quarterly basis. Such statement includes all sales figures and quantities on any product sold on 3rd party platforms. UGR is obliged to issue such Statement 45 days after expiration of each previous calendar quarter.
All Royalty Statements issued by UGR to Artist shall include the following entries: store, artist, name of track, total sales, and total royalties payable to Label.
UGR carry out payments via bank transfer, Paypal or Western union.
Duration of Agreement
The Agreement between Artist and UGR has an initial duration of three years from the date of signature. It is automatically renewed, if not terminated 3 (three) months before any consecutive year by either party. UGR  is free to terminate this agreement at any time under any reason or circumstance. The Artist it can not do change or migrate to another distribution company and shall remain with UGR for a minimum period of 1 year from the date of signing and acceptance of this agreement, after this period the Artist could request to change to another distribution company provided that UGR this agreement.
Upon expiration, UGR shall make inaccessible all digital files and according metadata from its servers and destroy all Master copies provided by Artist.
If for any reason either Party materially breaches this Agreement, the aggrieved Party shall notify the defaulting Party in written form. The defaulting Party is given 30 days from receipt of notice to cure the material breach. If the defaulting Party fails to cure the breach within 30 days from receipt of notice, then the aggrieved Party has the right to terminate this Agreement immediately and in its sole option.
The Artist acknowledge and agree to UGR as its unique and exclusive distribution /aggregation company for the Artist named in this agreement.
Both Parties herewith warrant and represent that they possess the full right and authority to enter into and perform this Agreement.
UGR warrants and represents for the duration of this Agreement to operate or control all technical infrastructure, including file servers, technology (software code) and databases for the purpose of selling Master Files as digital Downloads to 3rd party platforms. UGR furthermore warrants to Artist that it will only be using such Masters as supplied by Artist.
Artist warrants and represents that it owns or controls the rights to transmit, sell and broadcast Master Files as digital Downloads over the Internet in the territory and therefore has the right to grant these rights to UGR. Furthermore, Artist warrants its sole responsibility towards all record artists and any other Royalty participants resulting from sales of the Master Files via Downloads. Also, it is in Artist’s sole responsibility to pay all costs, having incurred prior to delivery of Master Files to UGR.
Both Parties agree to hold each other harmless from any loss and damage arising from any claim brought by any third party against the Parties with respect to UGR business of selling digital music as Download Files to 3rd party platforms. Artist expressively indemnifies UGR from any claims or liabilities, should any inconsistency be claimed by third parties regarding the Rights that Artist passed to UGR in accordance with Grant Of Rights, as set forth in clause 4 of this Agreement. In such case, Artist agrees to UGR herewith reserving the right to withhold any money payment to Artist, in consistence with such claim.
Besides this Agreement, no other issues are agreed upon between the Parties. Any modification or amendment of this Agreement needs to be agreed upon in written form to become binding to the Parties.
10. Applicable Law
This Agreement has been entered into in United Kingdom Law and its validity and legal effect shall be governed by the laws of United Kingdom. Any legal action between the Parties arising out of this Agreement shall be subject to the British jurisdiction of the courts located in England.